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The world is getting smaller. But the health problems facing your clients are getting larger.

Global Health Corps offers you a wide variety of programs that assist you in assisting your clients.

These programs include:

Each will empower you to better serve your diverse clientele and continue to make a world of difference in their lives.

Cultural Competency Trainings
Doctors, nurses, teachers, dental hygientists, social workers, and other working professionals are increasingly finding that their clientele are changing, and that it is important to know how to work with different types of minority populations. Global Health Corps is an award-winning, cultural competency training organization that specializes in teaching people how to interact effectively in the field with diverse clients. Interactive training sessions can be developed specifically to fit your professional needs, budget, and schedule, and are available on a credit, no-credit, certificate, or C.E.U. basis from the University of Northern Iowa.


Language Translation Services
Rural states around the country are becoming much more diverse. Many immigrants and refugees that do not speak English as their native language are now working in small and large towns across the region in meatpacking and manufacturing jobs. Health departments, hospitals, social work offices, and other human service agencies are finding that they need help translating written materials or interpreting programs into Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Hebrew, or any of the other native languages to meet the needs of these newcomers. Global Health Corps can help provide professional translation services by native speakers of a number of these languages, so that your agency can provide the most effective services to your clients.


Applied Research
Many health agencies and non-profit organizations regularly need to conduct a variety of research projects such as needs assessments, surveys of client knowledge, and studies on health behaviors. As a vital part of the University of Northern Iowa, Global Health Corps has extensive experience in conducting applied research that meets the real world needs of agencies and their clients, particularly if those clients are diverse or at-risk populations. Global Health Corps can assist your organization in setting up a research plan, developing surveys, interviewing clients, conducting data entry, and producing technical reports that can help you provide the best services.


Program Evaluations
One of the biggest challenges facing health departments, hospitals, non-profits, and other organizations is the need to determine the effectiveness of the programs they operate. Understanding the impact of a program can help improve your clients' satisfaction and justify the need for additional funding. Global Health Corps has evaluated numerous public health programs for governmental and non-governmental organizations, and helped them modify their programs to increase their effectiveness. As a unit within the University of Northern Iowa, the Global Health Corps can help provide an objective, scientifically sound evaluation of your programs in the field, and is particularly effective in assessing the impact of projects on underserved and diverse clientele.



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